Coming up for air

Hi all. This second round of AC hasn’t been as kind to me. I only started feeling back to myself yesterday, and can expect my third round on Monday. :/ Part of the battle I may have done to myself, as I wasn’t very good this time about self care. One of the things that is very important to do each time is drink a LOT of fluids, which is very tough for me a) naturally, b) when I feel nauseous, and c) when taste buds are affected and many beverages taste disgusting. The other thing I wasn’t great about was using the mouthwash I was recommended religiously, and thus ended up with a thrush infection in my mouth, further complicating things. This time, I will stock up on fluids I think I can tolerate and force em down even if I don’t feel like it. I also got a better anti-nausea med a few days in last time which helped significantly, if only in that it knocked me out so I could sleep well and fast forward time a bit. I know the effects of this are also said to be cumulative over the course, so fingers crossed this time isn’t a beast. Depression was a big part of the battle this time for me, and I didn’t leave the bed much that first week at all. Once I physically started to feel better, the darkness started to lift a little, and I’ve gotten out the past few days a bit.

In better news, we had a great time in Chicago last weekend. Hamilton was outstanding, and we had a fun time at the Field Museum. Quentin loved seeing the Egypt exhibit, and a special exhibit they have currently about soil and insects, and what it would be like if you were shrunk down to the size of a bug. He also takes after me and enjoyed the gem hall, which I always loved as a kid. So many sparkly things!


Coming back home was a bummer. Sunday morning I woke up to my hair starting to fall….so when we got back, we buzzed it short that night after putting Q to bed. Throughout the week it started getting patchy, so a few nights ago Sean took razor to scalp and now I am truly bald. It feels super weird, and like this completely foreign part of my body when I touch it. It’s also completely startling any time I pass a mirror and am not thinking about it. Q has done well though, much better than anticipated when we first warned him this would happen. Kids are adaptable, thank god. I have a feeling once it gets hot out, I’ll start rocking the bald look, but for now, it will be kept under wraps except for this glimpse. 🙂


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