Almost there.

It’s almost time for my next chemo (Monday), so I’m almost feeling better again. Though, my new “normal” is way different than how I felt normal before. I’m still super tired, no stamina, etc, but I don’t feel BAD necessarily. I felt good enough today to clean house a bit, which felt great. I mean, nobody LIKES cleaning their house, but it had gotten to a point on the main floor that was bad even for us. Sean has been a rock star through all of this, and has done way more of his fair share. But having all three of us sick this last week and him working full time, there wasn’t much time for extra cleaning.

I probably would have bounced back sooner from the chemo last week, but I got hit by this sinus bug shortly after, which knocked me right back down. The pediatrician wouldn’t see Quentin until today (didn’t give a lick about a fever/illness until it lasted at least 72 hours when I called a few days ago). Poor kiddo is down for the second time in 2 weeks. Verdict today is an ear infection in both ears, and a “strong recommendation” to not send him back to school until Monday at the earliest. Boooooo. At least I’m home already, so we don’t have to figure out time off work to accommodate that. Thank god for small things. Speaking of god, Q got antibiotics and before taking it today, he prayed that it would taste ok. Haha. Perhaps he isn’t praying correctly. It reminded me of that old Phil Hartman SNL sketch where he’s Jesus, and appears to Sally Field in her house after she prays for an assortment of ridiculous things and is like, “Lady, you’ve got to cool it.”


We are heading to Chicago this weekend, for various fun times. Sean and I get to see Hamilton (YAY!) on Saturday, and then on Sunday we are taking Q to the Field Museum. He has always been fascinated with Egypt and mummies, and they have a big Egyptian exhibit. I may be wearing a mask, as I’ve been advised to avoid any crowded spaces during chemo, and I may have to use a wheelchair through the museum due to having little energy (thanks in advance for the pushing around, Sean), but hopefully we are able to have a great time. We deserve this.

In other news…..the estimated time of departure for my hair is 14-16 days after the first chemo session, which is Monday-Wednesday of next week. I’m thinking I will go ahead and have Sean buzz it on Monday evening, so I don’t have to watch that happen piece by piece. I will likely have a mohawk for at least a moment, and perhaps you will be lucky enough to see a picture of that moment. Stay tuned. I think I’m as ready as one can be, got my stock pile of scarves and hats and one wig ready to go. You can guess which one is the wig I actually bought. Or maybe not.

I tried to knit myself a hat yesterday, and ended up throwing my double pointed needles in frustration, as I didn’t have the right size circular ones, and dpns are a pain in the butt. Maybe I’ll try again. In the meantime, I have these options:


Hopefully I figure out how to tie the scarves….the attempts I’ve made so far have been….less than totally successful. I honestly don’t see myself wearing the wig much at all, but we’ll see. Maybe I’ll be surprised.

Next post will hopefully be pictures from our FUN time in Chicago. 🙂

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