Starting to emerge?

Chemo, guys. It’s not cool. In case you were looking for ideas for your next vacation…..I do not recommend chemo land. All the motion sickness, none of the fun.

At first, everything was fine. I came home, ate a normal dinner, waited around for THINGS TO HAPPEN. Took these pictures.


Then things got less fun. Nausea that the meds mostly kept under control, but not so under control that I felt good. Extreme fatigue. Not just physical, but mental. Not able to concentrate on a tv show, or read a book, or even page through a magazine. I am still in this phase, which is why this post will be short. Writing feels like trudging through quick sand. Here’s what my med arsenal looks like for the moment:


Jealous? Don’t be. Winter bird is about to have a par-tay.

The last few days have looked way less like the above “fun with chemo bear” and much more “sad sack chemo girl”. Carry on.


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