Sir Portsman III

Chemo day, #1! After writing my sad sack post this morning, I showered up, and got ready to kick some ass.


I would like to introduce you all to someone. His name is Sir Portsman III, and he was a total ass today. He wears a monocle and top hat because he’s pretentious like that. And yes, I drew him with my finger while in the waiting room. Is that weird?


He had been instructed to lie quietly in wait under my skin, and gently receive the needle that I would get my afternoon poison cocktail through. After all, I had pampered him with a luxurious body wrap of lidocaine an hour earlier. Well, he didn’t get the message. My port site is still insanely sore, and all the lidocaine did was start to dissolve the steristrips, yet somehow not actually numbing any skin at all. So those had to be pulled off and then the force of the push of the needle into the port left me in tears. That sucker burned like fire for a good 20 minutes. Not cool, Sir P. Get it together for next time, will you?

The actual infusion process was a piece of cake. I chewed Italian ice like a good girl during the first part to attempt to prevent mouth sores. It went by pretty fast. Here’s a glimpse of the surroundings.

Few bags of fluids, steroids, antinausea meds, the Cytoxin,  2 syringes of “the red devil”, several pee breaks, and an animal cracker snack (chemo bear was hungry, too), and we were done.


See ya in….24 hours for my Neulasta shot, Columbus Oncology. You were very kind today. Now I’m lying down, feeling queasy already which may absolutely be in my head, and trying to drink an ocean. Good luck to me!


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