One port & a side of cookie dough, please


I am home, and now have a….wait for it….”power port” implanted in my body. This must be what it feels like to be a spy with a cool tracking device or something….except spies probs don’t cry as much as I did today. Getting this makes the impending chemo that much more real.

Everything went well, except remember when I said the expanders seem to be really high? Well, they are. Because the doctors realized today that the place they usually put the chest port was blocked by the expander. Oops. After some back and forth, they were able to put it a little higher and closer to my shoulder. I was offered the option to have a picc line instead, but that sucker hangs outside your body, needs a weekly office visit to be flushed, and prevents swimming, baths, etc. Since this will be my bff for at least the next 5 months or so, I said no thank you to the line.

We stopped off for some lunch on the way home and then hit up this new place in town….


It’s soft serve….with a bunch of toppings….and tubs of cookie dough made to safely eat raw. I know. Great idea whilst eating….less great AFTER eating. But yum. Also you get to eat at arcade tables. We played some Frogger while we ate our cups of awesomeness.



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