I have a new superpower, and thy name is Radioactive Girl. Or will be. Sorta.

We met today with the radiation oncologist. Radiation will definitely be part of this plan of attack. We didn’t really have much doubt, but it has now been confirmed, which is weirdly comforting. Both because I like to know what to expect, it calms me down, and because I feel like we are throwing everything at this possible to ensure I never have to see it’s gross cellular face again. I won’t really be radioactive, thankfully, as I know some people have to deal with limiting contact with others afterwards. Radioactive Girl just sounds cooler than Bald Post-Cancer Girl.

We did get some good news today. It appears that my breast surgeon may have misspoke to us on the phone.  The surgeon told us after surgery, when discussing the pathology report, that the 3 positive nodes make me stage 3A. However…..the radiation oncologist disagreed, and says I am only stage 2B. I guess we will get a third opinion when we see the medical (chemo) oncologist next week. But according to the all wise interweb…..it sure seems like stage 2B to me as well (tumor 2.5 cm, 3 lymph nodes positive). In addition, I had thought that the 1 sentinel node was positive, and then they took the 22 axillary and found 2 more positive there (which are further away from the breast), but 2 of my positive nodes were actually the sentinel nodes, and only 1 of 22 was positive out of the additional nodes. This probably sounds like a lot of boring stuff you don’t care about, but it is good news. The fewer cells that got away from their breast prison the better.

Next step is meeting with Dr Chemo next week (Thursday) to find out the plan there. Chemo will definitely come first, followed by 28 radiation treatments. I go Monday-Friday, for 5 1/2 weeks. Each treatment only takes about 15 minutes, so it’s frequent, but won’t take long each time. It will begin about 3 weeks after chemotherapy ends.

I now present to you a few different wig options I’m perusing.

I didn’t even know they had wigs that light up. Look at the gifts cancer is giving me already.


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